Since 2014, the Commission has been plagued with scandal after scandal - conflicts of interest, resignations, secret text messages, and the influx of hidden dark money to elect certain commissioners has compromised the integrity of the Corporation Commission.  

Tom will:

  • Put the interests of consumers ahead of for-profit utility companies. No hidden charges, no massive rate increases. and no attacks on consumer choice! 
  • Protect Arizonans from massive electric bill increases. Tom cares more about protecting people from high electric bills than increasing the stock prices of Arizona Public Service or bonuses for its executives. 
  • Refuse any money from special interests, lobbyists, PACs or the big utilities the Corporation Commission is supposed to be regulating.
  • Restore integrity and independent leadership to the Commission. The voters of Arizona need regulators working for them, not the big power companies.

About Tom

Tom Chabin currently lives in Tucson and has been an Arizona resident for 44 years. A lifelong public servant, Tom has dedicated his life to making Arizona a better place...

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The Issues

As a Corporation Commissioner, Tom will work to protect Arizona's consumers and restore integrity to the commission. Once elected, Tom will work on three key priorities...

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As a Clean Elections candidate Tom needs to collect $5 Qualifying Contributions and early contributions to run a campaign without the influence of special interests.

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